Copper Alloy Ingots

Since its inception in the year 1968, Bright Metals has been involved in offering premium quality products such as Brass Ingots, Gun Metal Ingots, Bronze Ingots, etc. These quality products are manufactured using top-grade raw materials. The raw materials are sourced from verified, licensed and genuine vendors only.

High-End Machinery Producing Non-Ferrous Copper Alloy Ingots

As one of the leading copper alloy ingots manufacturers, Bright Metals uses advanced technology to yield quality copper alloy ingots. Also, we ensure that we stay abreast with the latest methods that help us produce world class products. Our machineries include Electrical Induction Furnaces, Holding Furnaces, 2-Hi Mill, 4-Hi Mill, 20-Hi Mill, etc. The equipment that produces copper foil is of top quality and meets international standards of manufacturing, production and assembly. We are a leading copper foil supplier, supplying our production to be used in valves making, sanitary fitting production, radiator, batteries manufacturing, etc. Our quality and competitive price make us the preferred choice of all those industries that use copper alloy ingots as their raw materials.

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